project on auditing 1 3 case study

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The(Case study) project is split into three thereby, requires three separate work APA standard following the attached rubric.

The specifics of the ABC Case are in section 3 as attached. (Preparation of Inherent risks and control design assessment)

The Project 1 will be due at the end of this week. Project I (35% of the course grade)

You will contribute to an audit of a real company. This project includes the option to submit deliverables on 3 separate dates. Students who choose to submit deliverables by the due dates will receive feedback from their professor and can use that feedback to improve their work before the final due date when all three deliverables will be assigned one grade. All necessary documents to complete Project I are located in Content>Course Resources>Projects & Rubrics. This project will take the longest amount of time to complete and should be started early in the semester. Review the Rubric for more guidance on deliverables. Late projects will not be accepted.

Project II (20% of the course grade)

You will research a current auditing topic and write a summary, which you will use to prepare a video of yourself making a presentation at a professional conference. Your professor must approve your topic in advance to ensure every student researches a different issue. See thePresentation Rubric for guidance, which can be found in Content>Course Resources>Projects & Rubrics. Late assignments will not be accepted.

Project III (20% of the course grade)

You are studying to take a professional auditing certification. To prepare for the certification exam, you practice answering multiple choice questions, review and comment on auditing documents, evaluate audit procedures for efficacy, and or other tasks that will help to prepare you for the certification exam. Late assignments will not be accepted.

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