course name managerial accounting workplace my role is sql bi developer my responsibilities in agile environment development of secure enhanced and quality software maintenance of security role and database users effectively formulation and implem

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Course Name: Managerial Accounting

Workplace: My Role is SQL BI Developer

My Responsibilities:

In Agile environment, development of secure, enhanced and quality software

Maintenance of security role and database users effectively

Formulation and implementation of Data migration plans according to the project requirements

Transformation of Business logic, Intelligence and calculations in to coding

Data base analysis and creating reports using SSIS.

Extracting data and generation of reports

Designing ETL and business Intelligence packages


Describe the course description?

List outcomes from your course: List the outcomes (objectives) as written in the above-mentioned course?

Apply your Work Experience to the course: Correlate your job responsibilities with the course and outcomes listed above.

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