need a great power point presentation completed attached is the details of assignment

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For this assignment review the case study titled How Western Kentucky Leveraged Medicaid Expansion to Increase Access to Health Care that is attached as a file in this unit.

Imagine that your director wants to hear about this case study and wants you to present your analysis to the rest of the Board of Directors. Prepare a PowerPoint Presentation, or presentation using similar software, that analyzes and identifies how expanding Medicaid improved healthcare cost, quality, and access in Kentucky.

Your presentation should contain at least 5 slides, not including title, “questions,” and reference slides. You are required to record your presentation with narration in each slide. One option that some students use is Zoom which allows you to share your screen and record your presentation. Your presentation SHOULD BE between 4-6 minutes in length.

You will be graded on the quality of your presentation and its visual appearance as well as your verbal/nonverbal presentation. Please review the rubric before final submission.

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