easy 2 page paper build your brain trust answer the 5 bullet points attached in the requirements

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Assignment 4 – Build Your Brain Trust (PO4, CO4, SK.3, SK.4, BI.2)

Building your brain trust of mentors, advisors, coaches, and directors can mean the difference between success and failure. Get the right people and you’re on the road to success. What to include in the paper that makes it personal to myself: I plan on opening a dog training business (Sit Means Sit franchise). A friend of mine that I served in the military with is currently doing exactly what I want to do, and he is willing to help me out at any means necessary. The rest of the bullet points you can make up. Thanks.

  • What and who can make the biggest difference in your venture? Explain.
  • What is your plan for arranging introductions to build your brain trust?
  • What questions will you ask your brain trust?
  • Grow ahead – who can you add to your brain trust in two years’ time that have already navigated the difficult waters you plan to travel?
  • How can your brain trust help you have catalytic leadership?

Review attached assignment rubric

Minimum 2 pages

Minimum 2 scholarly sources

APA formatted

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