article reading and answer four questions each 100 125 words

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  • Each answer should be about 100-125 words.
  • Do not use quotations. Instead, synthesize/paraphrase the author.
  • No bibliography needed. If necessary, use endnotes for references, and use MLA citation.
  • Submission format: .doc or .pdf
  • You will be assessed on: engagement with the reading material of the class, clarity and completeness of your answer, and thoughtfulness of your overall response.

1) When Manfred Stegar talks about the four “pillars” of Global Studies, how does he relate aspects of “space and time” to territory and sovereignty?

The four pillars of global studies presented by Manfred Stegar are: globalization, transdisciplinarity, space and time, and critical thinking.

2) Describe one of the main debates as outlined by Giles Gunn (Hyperglobalists, Skeptics, Transformationalists), and how you agree and/or disagree with this stance on globalization.

3) As described by Dilip Hiro, how is slavery an example of glocalization?

4) Describe one positive and one negative aspect of the thirteenth-century Mongol empire. Why might these be considered positive or negative?

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