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Onboarding Assignment (Job Description) –

You are the hiring manager at a major home improvement retailer, Home Improvement Center, and need to fill a position for an exempt-status night shift supervisor. The applicants should have retail business experience, preferably in housewares, and at least some supervisory experience. You are looking for someone to fill third shift from 10 P.M.-6 A.M. There may be heavy lifting involved. Your company offers the industry standard for salary, benefits, and growth opportunities.

Write a comprehensive job description for this position that will help you prepare for the interview process and address any questions you might receive from applicants. Be sure to apply the guidelines for writing job descriptions you learned in your readings. You are also encouraged to conduct your own outside research on a major home improvement center and O*Net to help you complete this activity.

To successfully complete the assignments, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Write a comprehensive job description using the information provided.
  • Apply the guidelines for writing job descriptions, as presented in your reading assignments this week and in the grading rubric for the assignment.
  • Conduct your own outside research to help you create a more realistic job description.
  • Include a reference page to give credit to your sources.

Tips for Project Success

Make sure that you include all basic categories for the job description. Research for the industry will be required. Your job description needs to be realistic! Please note this is NOT a job advertisement. Cite and reference sources and include your name on the paper (There is no need to insert URLs or citations in the body of the job description. You may use footnotes to indicate your source materials and place full citations in the reference section.)


  • This job description should not exceed 3 pages in length including the reference page. (Format: 12 point, single space, Times New Roman font).
  • Please refrain from using a cover sheet (save the trees).
  • Insert your name as a header on each page.
  • I will post a grading rubric, but here’s something important to know – SPELLING and CORRECT WORDS are very important to me! (see the rubric in the course resources module)



Level 4 (excellent)

Level 3

(very good)

Level 2 (good)

Level 1 (inadequate)


Completeness (40%)

Excellent: The job description includes a summary of the job, essential tasks, responsibilities and functions of the job; importance of each task, responsibility or function; KSAOs/ competencies, and qualifications. The language used is appropriate for a job description. The job description is not presented as an advertisement.

The job description addresses all the basic components of the job.

The job description is lacking in several components. The language used is inappropriate.

Poor: The job description is poorly organized and/or missing components.

Creativity/Quality (40%)

Excellent: The job description shows a clear understanding of all the components necessary for a job description. There has been an attempt to do research to enhance the content.

Well written and organized.

The job description does not convey a clear picture of the tasks, responsibilities, KSAOs, competencies, and qualifications needed to do the job.

Poor: Contains information that is misleading or unrealistic.

Mechanics (e.g. spelling, grammar, sentence structure, format) (20%)

Excellent: The language is objective. There are no spelling or grammatical errors.

A few spelling or grammatical errors. The language is persuasive rather than objective.

Spelling and grammatical errors detract from the usefulness of the document.

Poor: Multiple errors that interfere with meaning.


Job Description rubric

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