autobiography of a million little pieces

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Requirements Reminder:

  • Reaction paper must be a minimum of 3 pages (can be double spaced).Please follow standard APA formatting and citing if you choose to cite anything from the book.
  • Although it’s a reaction paper, please remember not to make the reaction paper too informal (it’s a formal paper not a discussion board response or an email!).Remember to include an introduction, move into the body of your response, include a conclusion, etc.These are basic components of a formal essay/paper and are good practice for you!

Things to Think About:

  • What are the key areas of the addiction impacted the author’s life?Were there any areas impacted (or not) that surprised you?
  • What are the key areas that stood out to you from the counselor or service provider perspective?
  • What would have been difficult for you to address if she had been your patient?
  • What are your overall impressions of the story, was it beneficial to your learning of alcohol and substance abuse issues?

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