az constitution class

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To think carefully about the budget as a value statement. Look at the way the State of Arizona generates revenue, and think about the underlying values those decisions reflect. Look at how the State spends money, and consider these points:

  • Is Arizona accomplishing all that it needs to?
  • Is the State adequately meeting the needs of the people?
  • Does lowering taxes mean that we will still be spending enough money to achieve all our goals as a State?
  • Should taxes/revenues go up? In what ways?
  • Should a super-majority–a 2/3 vote in the Legislature–be necessary to raise taxes?

Your assignment is to develop a broad value statement which could be used to create a State budget. Include what you think should be the top spending priorities of the State and explain your reasons for choosing those priorities. Also, include what revenue sources you think the State should use to raise money and explain your reasons for selecting these funding sources. You are required to have one posting of at least 1/2 page in length. Remember this is not a budget just about education, but about the state as a whole.

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