B. Assignment Requirements  This assignment should be submitted as a MS PowerPoint presentation.  Label the slides and sections as directed below.  Use proper grammar, capitalization, and spelling.

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B. Assignment Requirements

 This assignment should be submitted as a MS PowerPoint presentation.

 Label the slides and sections as directed below.

 Use proper grammar, capitalization, and spelling.

 Make the presentation creative and eye-catching.

C. Assignment Directions:

 Create a 5-10 slide MS PowerPoint presentation with the information listed


 Include APA (7th edition) formatted in-text citations, in the slides, by the

information from your references.

 Include an APA (7th ed.) formatted reference list on the last slide(s) of your


 This presentation should be neat, attractive, and professional. Feel free to

include relevant images/pictures in this presentation.

HEA 2301 F23 Healthcare System Presentation Dr. S. K. Connors Page 2 of 6

The Healthcare System Presentation should have the following sections:

Answer the questions below with short sentences.

o It should be very clear when you are answering each statement/question.

o Label the sections with the bolded headings and letters below (except

the title slide).

o If a section takes more than one slide, label it the bolded section name

and add “continued”.

o You should replace the word “country” with your target country.

1. Title slide (1 slide)

a. Your first and last name

b. Healthcare System Presentation

c. HEA 2301

d. Fall 2023 8W1

2. Introduction to the Country (1-2 slides)

a. Describe where the country is located.

b. Describe the population size of the country.

c. Describe the income level of the country. These categories are

determined by the World Bank (Hamadeh, Van Rompaey, Metreau, &

Eapen, 2022).

i. Is it a low, lower middle, upper middle, or high income country?

3. Description of the Country’s Healthcare System (1-3 slides)

a. Does the healthcare system have a single or multiple payers?

i. Who are the payers?

b. Who owns the majority of the healthcare facilities (the government or

private entities)?

c. Describe how the health care system funded.

i. Be very specific about where the funding comes from and how it is

collected. Is it funded from taxes (identify what type; payroll,

income, etc.), government funds, covered individuals, etc. and/or a

combination of sources (identify which sources)?

d. Who has access to health care? It is universal coverage or do only certain

individuals have health care covered?

e. What type of global health care system does the country have?

i. National health insurance, national health system (Beveridge),

socialized health insurance (Bismarck), out-of-pocket, or a

combination? If it is a combination system, describe which health

care systems make up the combination system.

f. What is one (1) advantage of the health care system?

g. What is one (1) disadvantage of the health care system?

4. Description of the country’s health/health care indicators compared to

those in the U.S.

Health indicators are measures designed to summarize information

related to health and health care systems. They provide actionable information to

compare health systems of different regions, states, or countries (Canada

Institute of Health Information [CIHI], n.d.); Organization for Economic Co-

operation and Development [OECD], 2021. Health system indicators include

health risk factors (smoking, alcohol, obesity), life expectancy, infant mortality

rate, mortality rate, percentage of GDP used for healthcare spending, and many

other measures (CIHICanada, 2016; OECD, 2021). In this section you will

compare health care system indicators between for your country and the U.S.

Answer the following questions/statements. You must provide the actually

numbers, written out, in the answers. You will not earn credit for including only a

chart or graph. It must be very obvious when you are answering each


a. Find and report the percentage of gross domestic product (GDP) that each

country spends on healthcare. Which country spends a lower percentage

of GDP on healthcare?

b. Find and report the life expectancy of each country. Which country has

longer life expectancy?

c. Find and report the infant mortality rate of each country. Which country

has the lowest infant mortality rate?

d. Based on the statistics from this section, which health system is less

expensive and has healthier citizens?

5. Reference List in APA 7th ed. formatted on the last slide(s) of the presentation.


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