Biology in the Real World Project

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This is for a project that I am doing on GMO’s, specifically modified crops that people eat. Below are the instructions and I am adding the syllabus for the learning outcomes.

The proposal is the first deliverable in the BIRW project. This project is completed in three stages, which includes your proposal, draft, and the final project. Please review the Biology in the Real World Project information for a complete description, including expectations and potential projects.

The proposal is a summary of what you plan to do, how you plan to do it, and how it ties in with this course and your own life.

Your proposal should include the following details

  • A short summary of the proposed project.
  • Clearly identify your deliverable for the draft/final (remember, reports are not acceptable deliverables).
  • A timeline identifying major milestones (e.g. complete initial research, interview date, etc.) and anticipated completion dates.
  • A bulleted list of relevant course learning outcomes, module objectives, and sections in the course textbook that tie in with your project (refer to specific sample calculations, images, and sections).
  • A bulleted list of at least three connections between the project and your life and/or academic/professional career.
  • About the course learning outcomes – Based on your project, you will choose one or more course learning outcomes that relate to your topic. You can find these listed in your syllabus under Learning Outcomes.

About the Module Objectives

Based on your project, you will choose one or more module objectives that relate to your topic. You can find the module objectives listed on each Overview and Objective page at the beginning of each module.

Participation in the Module 1 Workshop will support your progress of this deliverable. Your proposal is due by the last day of Module 2. Take full advantage of this workshop!

Reminder About Rubrics

Each stage of the BIRW project has a unique rubric. When starting your project, review the ‘Proficient’ column and ensure your project meets proficient criteria. Before submitting, review the rubric again and self-grade your submission to ensure you indeed meet the proficient category.

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