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i need 2 essays, first one is about how should we, as students, explain the class for other students? 

the points i would like you to focus on are first we learn about the empires that used to be control by african kings and the famous people in african in that time for example Mali empire and kingdom” Sundjata, the lion king”. Second is the the Atlantic Slave trade on West Africa and the companies that used to work with them. lastly is the people how fight the slavery in America and the famous black people who is not been slaved. Do them in 7 short paragraphs with good explanation and add an example ” do not use more then three sentence in each paragraph ” also use simple word.

2nd essay is about how did black women shape / impact black history ? this should has 5 short paragraphs same the first one 3 sentences in each paragraphs that is enough to be clear and understandable 

please do an excellent essays if you have any question ask me

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