Blog assignment on Race and Ethnicity

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Let’s think about terminology a bit and feel free to use the Internet in responding to this blog entry. Write a blog entry (min. 200 words) in which you argue for the use of one of the following four terms — Indians, Native Americans, First Nations, Indigenous Peoples, or some other term — to refer to the groups that lived on the North American continent in the millenia prior the arrival of European explorers and traders.

For this assignment, you must present a proposition (¨The term ¨blank¨ should be used to refer to…) and then deliver reasons for your argument, introducing them with the ẅord ¨because.¨ You must also identify one counterargument (¨weakness¨ to your own argument), briefly present it, and then either refute it (¨This is wrong because…¨) or concede to it (That is a reasonable point, but…) and then continue to the ending point with your own argument. Reading other blog entries will help you formulate your arguments.

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