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First, Please find a news or an article related to the lecture content (provide me the link) and then please talk about your own feelings based on the course material I gave you. And last, you should choose one of the suggested critical thinking questions you have given to answer.

Here are some suggested critical thinking questions for generating content for your blog:1. Did it trigger any kneejerk emotional reactions – like surprise? humour? discomfort? cynicism? If so, why do you think that was? 2. Did it trigger any interesting questions in your mind, maybe something you strongly philosophically agree with or disagree with? 3. Did it bring to mind any insights about past cross-cultural encounters you may have personally experienced (e.g., Perhaps when working with others at university or on the job, when interacting with service providers, or perhaps on your travels), and lead you to wonder how you might have handled those situations differently? Or how others around the world might approach similar situations?

A few extra words about any sources that you plan to reference in your blog: Sources that are already included in your assigned readings do not count as ‘external’ sources. A news item you are writing about and you are related to must have appeared on the WWW in English in a bona fide news publication (e.g. The Globe and Mail, MacLeans, The New York Times, Washington Post, The Economist, The Financial Times) or google-searchable media (e.g., radio or video news clip from CBC or BBC news, podcast, or You-Tube video clip). It is mandatory to provide the link to your source with each submission; if not possible, then scan the item, ensuring that the date of publication shows. The reflection item must not be more than 2 years old

Note that your blog posts should not normally be more than 200 words long.Generate further insights into your reactions/views/questions by linking them with an external source (e.g., a peer reviewed research article or a pertinent current news article, or, even more media-rich: a news video-clip) and use that source to help write your blog. Also note that this assignment is not meant to be a regurgitation of what the author of your source article said. Give a brief summary of the reflections that the week’s topic prompted in you (the emotional reaction/situations remembered/issues that it raised for you, etc), and then focus your writing on explaining how your reflections are connected to that week’s course materials, and how the additional external reference adds insight.

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