Business & Finance – Marketing Product Management Assignment

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 Choose ANY ONE product from the following list:

  • OLA
  • Uber
  • Rapido

You are a product manager on the Growth team of the product you have chosen. The team has been given a mandate of reducing ride cancellations (can be initiated by the driver or the passenger). What would be the top initiative you would drive to achieve this desired outcome? Assume you have infinite tech bandwidth and you cannot change the current pricing. The expectation is to solve this problem as a PM by addressing problems for the users while being able to generate business value.

Focus on the following:

  • Understanding the business model and how the metric in focus impacts the business model
  • Mapping the given business outcome to the relevant product outcomes
  • Identifying the target user segment and understanding the target users’ unmet needs
  • Validating the problem identified with user research
  • Structured analysis of the problem, breaking down the problem into smaller components.
  • Showcasing how you ideated possible solutions and decided on the proposed solution. 
  • Detail orientation in the solution being proposed, including the system diagram as applicable. Focus on all the actors involved.
  • Second order thinking for the solution being proposed
  • How you would measure success for the proposed solution
  • Thinking about why your solution might fail

Guidelines for the deck:

  • Name of the Fellow should NOT be present anywhere in the slide deck
  • 9 slides max including everything. Anything more than 9 slides will be rejected.
  • Minimum font size: 14 for Google Slides or PPT (this has to be strictly adhered to)
  • Minimum font size: 26 for Figma with frame of 1920*1080px (this has to be strictly adhered to)
  • Minimum font size: 22 for Canva with frame of 1920*1080px (this has to be strictly adhered to)
  • Slide title should state the key message of the slide for easier reading. For example: don’t write “Problem” as the slide title, state the problem succinctly in the slide title.
  • If you are using a background colour for the slides, please ensure the text is readable. 
  • When using colours, keep in mind the reader may be colour blind. So, choose colours carefully.
  • Link supporting artefacts (eg. survey URLs etc) via a hyperlink. Please ensure the reader has access to the documents.
  • Maximum file size should be less than 40 MB
  • Naming of the file should be <NL Product_Name> e.g. NL OLA

Introducing you

Contributing to worthy
causes will earn you coins!

Can’t Do It In Real Life? Do It by using
Glassdoor coins.

Glassdoor is an online employment platform on
which individuals can rate their former and
current employers. Furthermore, companies can
advertise to job seekers and post jobs on the site.

Today, Glassdoor welcomes over 50 million
people every month on its platform. Over 10
million job listings and 60 million reviews,
salaries, and (interview) insights have been
shared to date.

Goal: To Grow the number of ratings & reviews on the platform

Glassdoor users(from a reviews perspective) = People who
Read and Write reviews + People who only come to Read
(majority chunk )

Business Problem: Monthly, the number of new reviews on the platform is
significantly low compared to the number of users who visits the platform.

“Why write reviews” is still a question for many users

Validated in primary research about Glassdoor:

from 100% of users have never/rarely used Glassdoor

from 100% of users said they use glassdoor just to read



12.5M users visited Glassdoor last month but only 0.62M new reviews are published last month.

Validated in secondary research about Glassdoor:

Users Problem: Users are lacking the motivation/need to write reviews.

Interesting fact: Amazon, they have over 15K reviews on Glassdoor. Yet, they have over 300K employees now, which
only makes up 5% of the current employee population – not considering that former employees post many reviews.

Growing the number of ratings and reviews on the platform = No. Of users who didn’t give
any review so far + people who gave a review in the last month but haven’t given one for the
current month + people who gave a review in the past but haven’t given one in the lastest

71.2% of users are students and
in the not working stage. They
primarily use glassdoor to read
reviews before interviews

Analyses were performed on a user survey (23 Responses) and 10 user
interviews to better understand users’ behavior and pain points at
each stage of the user journey in Glassdoor, especially when it comes
to adding reviews and ratings.

Survey Link:
NkguXdnpg6Opportunities to tap into

Users Pain Points

Opportunities to tap into

As the business problem mentioned above is validated, it is
clear that users are lacking the motivation to add reviews.
With around 59M unique monthly users, there are only 114m
Reviews are there from almost 15 Years of operations.
Hence it is important to create motivation/need amongst
users to “Add Review”.
Solving this problem not only increases the number of reviews
on the platform but also will increase the accuracy of the
reviews and will increase SEO ranking on search engines
which will increase the opportunities for revenue in the


User behavior and needs:

User Personas

Age 21
Engineering Student

Mostly opens Glassdoor at the time of applying to that specific
As a fresher, wants to get interview insights to prepare well for
the interview.
As time is not a big factor, love to keep searching and consuming
other company reviews as well.

Pain Points:
Often finds lack of need to write reviews on the platform
Confused between various types of reviews and ratings on the

User behavior and needs:

Age 29
Software Developer and now looking for better
CTC offers.

Mostly search about the company on Google and then land on
the platform.
The primary goal of searching is to get insights about salary and
other perks of the company.
Curious to see what kind of reviews her company is having on
the platform.

Pain Points:
Finding accurate insight into a company’s salary and perks is hard
She is not feeling inspired to write a review for the current
company she works for.

Reframing the problem Statement:
Users often find a lack of need/motivation to give any kind of ratings and review on the platform because users feel it is waste of
time and it won’t be beneficial for them.
At the same time, users are confused between various types of reviews they can add and eventually drops the idea of giving ratings
and reviews.
Users find adding ratings and reviews page UI not engaging and it leads to leaving the platform before completing the review form.

Solutions Reach
(As per user survey)

Increase in no. of
reviews & ratings Impact on writers Impact on Readers

Ease of
implementation Total Score

Best company to work

Companies will push

employees for reviews

May increase reviews at

some extend

Writers will have very

minor impact

Readers will find best

company to work easily

Require to analyze best


Glassdoor Coins

Rewards will attract
users to give more

ratings and reviews

genuine need = More

no. reviews and ratings

Rewards will create

more impact on users

More reviews = More


Require to create


Give a Review to see
all reviews

Need to give review to

use platform.

Users might leave

platform to competitors

Minor impact

readers might leave the


Require to make some

content as premium


A user will receive 200 Glassdoor coins(Virtual Coins) for
adding a company’s review as an employer they are
currently or have been with previously.
By adding Salary, Interview, Benefits Review, and Photos,
users will receive up to 200 Glassdoor Coins.
69.3% of users are actively seeking jobs, so these coins can
be redeemed against an array of exciting rewards. E.g.
Interview Prep guide, basic courses, and many more.
This will create a genuine need/motivation for the users to
give ratings and reviews.

Glassdoor Coins

To motivate the company to give more
ratings and reviews.
This will give the company a push to tell
employers to write reviews about the
From the tons of ratings and reviews, users
will also get to know which is the best
company to work.

Best company to work awards
On average 60% of Glassdoor users read at
least 5 reviews before forming an opinion
about a company.
Users can access the reviews on the
platform for free for the first three reviews
per company and thereafter, they must give
ratings and reviews to be able to view all
As a result, users will be required to rate and
review the app.

Give a Review to see all reviews

* Due to infinite tech bandwidth,
Engineering efforts are negligible/removed

All these scores are
calculated out of 5


With a prominent Write & Earn
coins button, the user can see
their remaining coin balance on
the main Rewards screen.

Once the user scrolls down, he/she will be
able to see three tabs, the default tab being
Rewards. Users can use their Glassdoor
Coins to claim all the curated rewards.

The user is given the option to
share this opportunity at the end
of the page. The Share button
was also added to the top of the
page since this is the page’s last

It acts as the user’s
reward dashboard,
where everything they
need to know about
Glassdoor Coins can be


Share Button will auto-
scroll to the “Share the
goodness!” section of
this page.

Rewards that are curated
solely for Glassdoor’s
users will be available in
this section.
Example: Interview prep
material for various

This can redeem with
Glassdoor Coins which
users can earn by
writing Reviews.


On the Rewards page, you will find
the Claim Tab. Users can view all
rewards with one click, and
detailed information about their
claimed rewards will be available.

In addition to the claimed tab, there is a
How it works tab that gives users more
information about how the Glassdoor
coins feature works.

Once a user clicks the write a
review button, a pop-up will
appear that gives a clear idea
about the different types of
reviews available.


This page contains detailed
information about
Glassdoor Coins in just 3
1] Earn coins by
contributing on Glassdoor.
2]More Reviews = More
coins the user will receive.
3] User can only redeem
those coins on Glassdoor’s

You will be able to see
information about various
types of reviews along with
the number of coins they
are worth.
For E.g.
1] Company Review = 200
Glassdoor Coins
2] Salary Review = 30
Glassdoor Coins
3] Interview Advice = 200
Glassdoor Review.

The presence of Rewards in the form of Glassdoor coins will
create a genuine need/motivation for the writers to give
ratings and reviews.
It will prompt a sense of accomplishment in the writer, which
will result in more types of reviews from writers. on the


There will be an increase in Ratings and Reviews due to genuine
The presence of a large number of reviews will increase Glassdoor’s
SEO rankings, which will allow them to generate more advertising
With more ratings and reviews on the platform, the accuracy of the
ratings and reviews will increase, which in turn will increase trust
between users and Glassdoor.

For Glassdoor Business

For Glassdoor Writers

Readers will get access to tons of ratings and reviews which
enhance readers’ reading experience.
Due to more ratings and reviews, readers will get more
accurate content on the platform, which builds trust among

For Glassdoor Readers

Nowadays, The value of rewards like interview
preparation guides and Side project lists for a certain role
is greater to Glassdoor’s majority of the current user base
i.e. Job seekers.
Providing real money as a reward raises the overall cost.
We will also have to analyze and build a number of factors
that will come into play.
Creating curated rewards will only take a one-time effort
and cost, and will have a greater impact on Glassdoor’s

Why Glassdoor coins are virtual and
can use with glassdoor rewards only?


Reviews from beta users on the new feature.

It makes me more excited to give reviews to earn Glassdoor
Coins, which I can redeem for awesome curated resources.

-Omkar, Student

I always write about my interview experience after every
interview so that I can earn Glassdoor coins and redeem
their awesome interview preparation guide.

-Shreya, Software Developer


Number of new reviews per month per user
North Star Metric:

At present, we can only give one company review as a
current/former employer per company per year.
The “verified user” feature can also be introduced, in which
users must be verified before they can write multiple
A strict community guideline and proprietary technology
filters and algorithms that analyze multiple content
attributes, including attempts at spamming and abuse, can be
introduced to ensure content is curated and accurate.

For the sake of Glassdoor Coins, there is a slight
chance of fake reviews.


Number of new users giving ratings and reviews on the platform.
Number of new visits on the rewards tab per month.


Number of users giving reviews and ratings/number of new
visits per month.


CTR of the Rewards tab
% of users writing reviews by clicking on the write review
% of users claiming the Glassdoor coins with the curated


Average time spends on the rewards tab per user per month.
CTR of Write a review to redeem button.


% of ratings and reviews by the past inactive users(users who
do not give any ratings and reviews till now) per month.


Number of users sharing rewards news by clicking on the share
button per month.

The number of fake/repeated ratings and reviews may

Counter Metrics/Guardrails

It will be more beneficial to implement gamification into
the Ratings and Reviews User Interface in the future.
This will increase conversion rates for giving ratings and
reviews since users will feel enthusiastic about doing
With this approach, the number of ratings and reviews
will also increase over time with minimal effort.

Gamification of Ratings and reviews UI

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