Business Marketing post Patagonia Website

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This week you are only required to make an initial thread post that is required to be 300 words

Please make sure to properly cite (APA) any references you use

Check out the Patagonia site linked below. It is a wonderful example of a company building the brand and then marketing products using the brand. Be sure to check out the “environmentalism” link to understand the company’s core concepts and the link “Company Info.” You may want to check job listings just to see how the culture is maintained. Also, check some of the items sold. Review of this site will give you an opportunity to see application of integrated marketing where the company is the brand and the brand is the company.

Answer: After reviewing the Patagonia site, write one or two paragraphs discussing how Pagagonia’s mission and objectives likely tie into strengths found in a SWOT analysis of the company. Then briefly explain how Patagonia has created a marketing mix to execute on its mission. In minimum 300 words.

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