Internship Paper

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Write a 5-7 page paper (excluding title and references) based on your internship experience as a clinical therapist with youth-adults with mental illnesses. Incorporate your thoughtful responses to the questions below in your final paper. 

1. Discuss the interpersonal process between you and your supervisor, and how it paralleled the process between you and a client (“parallel process”).

2.  What were the challenging and exciting moments of working with clients from a diversity perspective? This is a rural area however there are a few african americans.

3. How has your theoretical orientation and approach evolved as you have continued to work with clients?

4. Discuss countertransference issues, and/or triggers that came up for you while working with clients. How did you resolve these issues?

5. How do you engage in self-care on a personal level while professionally helping others through difficult and painful issues?

6. What have you learned about yourself as a result of working with clients?

7. Discuss areas in need of further development based on your midterm and final evaluations.   

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