week 6 discussion original work attach report

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Discussion Instructions: Choose your favorite research article from the literature gathered for the Week 5-7 project.

1. Deconstruct (i.e., summarize and analyze from a scholarly perspective) the article’s methods, results, and discussion/conclusion sections.

2. Describe the significant information you used (or plan to use) to develop the content of your Literature Review.

3. What challenges did you face while reading the article?

Please attach the article to the initial discussion post.

BONUS OPPORTUNITY: Students are encouraged to use the services of the Graduate Online Writing Studio to review their Week 6 assignment AND submit a discussion post describing their experience (e.g., how easy the process was, what type of feedback they got, how the service helped improve writing skills).  If students do not use the Writing Studio, please describe why to help us better understand your reasons.

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