Career Reflection Paper Mental Health counselor

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  This is a graduate level course and needs to be written at that level 

Career Reflection Paper (adapted from Dr. Drew Appleby at UIPUI, used with permission)

You will write an APA-style review paper whose topic is the particular area of specialization in psychology that is of most relevance to the occupation you would like to eventually enter (e.g., industrial/organizational psychology if you want to become a human resources director, counseling if you wish to become a school counselor, and developmental psychology if you would like to own and operate a daycare center). Specific guidance and rubrics for this assignment will be provided in the Assignments area of the classroom.

A title page that includes a      running head, the title of your paper, your name, and your institutional      affiliation An abstract that briefly      identifies the following six sections of your paper in a clear and      succinct manner

The history of       this area including its relationship to other areas of psychology and/or       other academic disciplines Two of this       area’s psychological theories that are relevant to the work.  

Two of the        research methods that researchers in this area commonly use to gather        data and test hypotheses A description of two empirical      studies from the professional literature of this area and an explanation      how the results of each of these studies can or have been used to      promote human welfare. The studies must come from a peer-reviewed journal.  A specific occupation in this area      that you plan to eventually enter; an accurate description of this      occupation, the tasks a person in this occupation is required to      perform; and a list of the specific types of knowledge, skills, and      characteristics (i.e., work styles) a person needs in order to be      successful in this occupation. The information for this section must      be gathered from O*NET ( or      a similarly credible source that has been approved by the instructor. An explanation of how you have      used specific curricular (e.g., classes) and extracurricular (e.g.,      internships) opportunities during your undergraduate education to      accomplish the knowledge, skills, and characteristics you identified in      the previous section. A reference section containing at      least 5 scholarly references (Do not use generic      dictionaries/encyclopedias and use only Web sites ending in edu, org,      or gov. When in doubt about the scholarliness of a reference, check with      the instructor.) You must use at least 4(3 peer-reviewed journal articles.      Textbooks should not be used as part of the required sources.

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