Db1 Correlation and Regression

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During this week you will work in the discussion area to identify a research question created in Week 1 that would utilize one of the following: simple linear, multiple, or logistic correlation and regression. This discussion will help you work towards your “Week 5 Assignment.” If there are no research questions that fit these types of statistical analyses, you will need to decide on a new question before moving forward with the assignment.

In your initial posting for this assignment, include the following: Identify an appropriate research question that would require the use of a correlation and regression, either simple linear, multiple, or logistic. Pick the question from the list created in Week 1 or identify a new question if there are no appropriate ones from Week 1. Describe why this question is appropriate for the selected statistical test. Identify the variables in this study and each of their attributes: discrete or continuous, quantitative or categorical, and scale of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio). Do the variables fit the qualifications for the selected statistical test? Explain. What type of correlation would you expect to find for this study (i.e., positive or negative), if this type of test was chosen? Explain. What predictions might you be interested in making with these variables if the correlation is found to be significant? List the statistical notation and written explanation for the null and alternative hypotheses. Describe the types of errors that could occur.

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