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Think about a favorite movie or television series that addresses some aspect of lifespan development.  How does it do this?  Why do you like the show?  Discuss issues raised by the show or movie that you can relate to the reading in the first chapter of our textbook.  Make sure you select a movie or television show that shows change over the lifespan of the characters. It must be at least 300+ words.

( Two of my favorite movies are “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “The Notebook” if you have not seen these than you’re welcome to choose a movie of your choice to write about. These questions should relate to chapter one which discusses   

•Orientation to Lifespan Development

•Theoretical Perspectives on Lifespan Development

•Research Methods

The name of the textbook is “Development Across the Life Span” 9th edition by Robert Feldman

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