Paper Comparing advice on stress in the workplace

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Write a 5-7-page APA-formatted paper comparing advice on stress in the workplace, or reports of findings related to stress in the workplace that appear in a popular source, with scientific research on the same topic. If using a research article, it should be a peer-reviewed journal article in a scientific journal. You may also do the How-to guide option, making sure to cite all points listed in your guide. These can be found on PsychInfo or Google Scholar.

Evidence of your understanding of the concepts you discuss, and the quality and effectiveness of your writing will be reflected in your grade. Revise as much as possible until your paper flows smoothly. Your arguments should be clear and well explained, so that a non-psychologist can easily follow.

POPULAR PRESS VS. RESEARCH PAPER: Provided relevant background to introduce and explain the topic of interest

Clearly identified problem to be examined (purpose of the paper)

Summarized three popular press articles that give advice on stress or summarized a stress-related finding and compared this advice or report of findings with research on the same topic

HOW-TO GUIDE: Provided detailed information on a relevant topic

Clearly identified tips related to stress, using clear, and everyday language

Each point was backed up by peer-reviewed scientific findings from a journal article and properly cited in the guide and in a reference section (five sources minimum)

General: Wrote in accordance with APA style guidelines

Ensured paper/guide was clear and concise, flowed well, and was easily understood

Made few/no grammatical errors

Clearly cited sources in an APA-style reference section

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