Need a Tutor with Expertise in Psychology

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Hello Tutors. Hope all is well. I am looking to work with a tutor that has expertise in Psychology. This is for a doctoral level degree program and will expect writing to be academically correct and intelligent. Please see below for expectations and requirements. There are no exceptions to these.

1. I work hard to earn a living and trust me, I do not plan to just give it away. If you provide work that is written for elementary school, I will ask for a refund. No opportunity for 2nd changes. 

2. If you contact me, I will verify your profile and ask for examples of previous work in Psychology and writing skills.

3. If I decide to work with you, it will be until the end of the program.

4. Papers will be due on the day and time that it is stated in the post. No Exceptions. If you do not provide on the due date and time, I will request a refund.

5. Tutor MUST be at least within a 3 hour difference (time zone). No exceptions.


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