Unit 5

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Unit 5 Due 5/05/2019. S20.00

· Assessment Report

Utilize one or more specific methods of assessment with a client you are working with at your fieldwork site. Ask your site supervisor to assist you in selecting an assessment that is appropriate for your client and that is currently used at your site (such as the Beck Depression Inventory, Beck Anxiety Inventory, mental status exam, biopsychosocial assessment, ecomap, genogram, or another developed assessment instrument). If your fieldwork site does not use any methods for a formal evaluation process with clients, select at least one assessment tool that you believe would be appropriate for your client, and discuss its use with your site supervisor. A structured interview, biopsychosocial assessment, and genogram are less intrusive methods of assessment than using a developed instrument and should be discussed as possibilities with the site supervisor. Once you have permission from your supervisor to use this assessment method, set up a time to administer it with your client.

After you have collected client, couple, or family data using the various assessment tools given to you by your agency or organization (as well as any other assessment tool from your readings, with your site supervisor’s approval), synthesize, summarize, and write your assessment of the client, in a 3–4 page paper that:

1. Offers a brief description of your client, couple, or family, omitting any personally identifying information.

2. Describes the rationale for using these particular assessment forms (that is, agency policy, diagnostic clarification, and so on).

3. Gauges the effectiveness of selected assessment tools in soliciting client data and facilitating interaction.

4. Identifies the strengths and limitations of assessment tools.

5. Discusses cultural characteristics that impact the selection and application of assessment tools.

6. Identifies the limitations of these tools in gathering data and building the helping relationship.

If you used any visual tools (such as a genogram or ecomap), be sure to attach them with your assessment report. Refer to the grading criteria for this assignment in the Assessment Report Scoring Guide, which is linked in the Resources.

Assignment Requirements

· Written Communication: It should be free of errors that detract from the overall message.

· APA Formatting: Resources and in-text citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting.

· Number of Resources: 3–5 scholarly, peer-reviewed articles.

· Length: 3–6 pages.


· Assessment Report Scoring Guide.

Please use biopsychosocial assessment.

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