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Selecting A Consistent Test  Collapse         

The test chosen for further evaluation to be discussed is the Gilliam Autism Rating Scale (GARS). This scale measures individuals for signs of autism. Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a disorder which affects individuals cognitively, socially, and some suffer with sensory issues. James E. Gilliam is a test developer who created the psychometric tests to evaluate individuals for autism. This test measures social communication, behaviors, interacting in a social environment, speech delays or impairments, cognitive skills, and emotional issues, (Karren, 2016).

           (Karren, 2016) explains how administration of the test is easily done, completed by educators, psychologist, speech and language pathologist, and trained professionals who can identify autism and interpret results. Testing is done in the form of a questionnaire and sometimes and observational period if questions can’t be fully answered by the evaluator. The Likert type questions range from zero to three. This type of testing has administration error of variance, with multiple evaluators there could be potential of error from the administration in the results. The reliability is important and has been measured using internal consistency, test and retest, and interrater coefficients.

           Internal consistency was recorded at 94% and 93% showing a high consistency for reliability. During test-retest there was average ranges of reliability from 76% to 87%, showing a reasonable amount of reliability, (Karren, 2016). This is not as high as the internal consistency but does show more than 50% given a fair amount of consistency and reliability. The final reliability gave additional average inter-rater reliability of 71% to 85% which is acceptable.

           Overall (Karren, 2016), mentions the testing is easy to administer, shows proven evidence the test is reliable and valid, which creates a good psychometric instrument. Strengths and weaknesses are noted with observation mentioned first. Not having the appropriate time to observe leaves the rater to consult another trained professional to conduct the observation. The main ethnic background initially administered the test were caucasians and blacks only assessing an individual’s three years of age nineteen leaving question about assessing older adults 20-22 or different races. Although weaknesses are presented the GARS is a valid and reliable instrument to utilize to measure and diagnose autism.

Karren, V. C. (2016). A Test Review: Gilliam, J. E. (2014). Gilliam Autism Rating Scale–Third 

Edition (GARS-3) First Published March 7, 2016 Product Review https://doi-


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