Week 5 Assignment 3

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During this session, you have progressed from writing single paragraphs to creating full essays. You have thought about important questions concerning the writing process and have helped your peers strengthen their written assignments. You brought dedication and passion to the learning experience, and your hard work has paid off. You are a stronger writer and have more confidence as a result of the opportunities for practice you have had and the skills you have learned.

By Tuesday, August 15, 2017, post a brief self-assessment of your writing progress during this session. Then, offer supportive comments to classmates on their postings.

Reflect on the following questions as you compose your self-assessment:What have you learned?How has your writing changed and improved?What are your strengths?What do you still need to work on in your next writing class?What are you most proud of as a result of taking this course?What experiences were most helpful to you in becoming a stronger writer?

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