Need done by tomrrow 3pm! 12/28 CAN ONLY USE SOURCE PROVIDED (1 page SINGLE SPACED)

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Family Theories (e.g., ecological model, feminist, family systems, structural functional, symbolic, and Interactionism) and Context in marriage and families” including gender, race, class issues; marriage and family formations” (e.g., marriage, same sex marriage, singlehood, alternatives to marriage, work and families (Reading can be accessed in the files section of Canvas). 

Students must write an essay that compares ALL of the family theories discussed in the reading Theoretical Perspectives on the Family.  Students should also include their own understanding or personal experiences regarding families in their essay.  In other words, which of the theories does your family most resemble? The assignment must be in the students OWN WORDS and should be approximately 2 pages, typed and double-spaced.  Students should ALWAYS SUBMIT their “best work”.  Therefore, revisions and re-submissions of this assignment or any other assignment are rarely considered.

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