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  Assignment 3: Course Project Task II

Literature Review I

Now that you’ve selected your mental illness “ANXIETY DISORDER”, it’s time to become aware of the contemporary scholarly research regarding your diagnosis. Completing a literature review will increase your knowledge base and allow you to begin to develop expertise in a particular diagnostic area.

For this assignment, complete the following tasks: Examine professional journals and publications of psychology, psychiatry, medicine, and counseling to find data regarding your selected diagnosis. You may also review the popular media for articles, case examples, or human interest stories about your diagnosis to add a contemporary and real-world application perspective. Locate a minimum of 12 resources for your selected mental illness/psychological disorder and submit the reference page to your instructor. Briefly review or scan the selected articles and determine whether they should be included as your primary references because they have a significant amount of information to contribute to your project. A minimum of six of your references must be from scholarly academic journals.

Present a one- to two-page reference list with a brief description of the significance of each reference chosen. 

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