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Use the information on page 145 to explain how you can determine the 

number and type of medals 2004 U.S. Olympíans won in Athens. Demonstrate how to find the 

number of each type of medal won by the U.S. Olympians and describe another situation where

you can use a system of three equations in three variables to solve a problem.

Page 145 says:

At the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece the United States won 103 medals. They won 6 more a gold medals than bronze and 10 more silver medals than bronze. you can write and solve a system of three linear equations to determine how many of each type of medal the US Olympians won. let G repersent the number of gold medals, let s represent the number of silver medals in that B represent the number of bronze medals.

g+s+b=103 US Olympians won a total of 103 medals 

g=b+6 They won 6 more gold medals than bronze

S=b+10 They won 10 mpre silver medals than bronze

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