CASE REPORT- Barbie brand

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To prepare for the case, please answer through analysis the indicated questions for each case. The report should be five pages, 1 ½ spaced, 11 font, not including cover page or any supporting appendixes you deem necessary.


1. What are the main issues the Barbie brand faces? What are the ongoing controversies?

2. What influence does Barbie have on society, good or bad?

3. Provide your assessment of Mattel’s repositioning efforts, including new advertisements and new products.

Ideal case summaries will refer to theories and concepts from the book(Best, Roger J. – Market Based Management: 6th
Edition ISBN-13: 978-0-13-038775-2), as well as what has been discussed in class. The report should not simply repeat the facts of the case but should offer personal insight and interpretation.Grading will be based on the following criteria: (Please I need A/A+ in this assignment)

C- and below – Addresses the topic minimally, with virtually no support offered for the answer

C/C+ – Addresses the topic fairly, but offers little support from facts, theory or interpretation

B/B- – Addresses the topic sufficiently, with some support from facts and theory, and offers reasonable insight and interpretation

A-/B+ – Addresses the topic well with complete and sufficient support from facts and theory with good insight, understanding and interpretation

A/A+ – As above but offers a unique insight and personal interpretation beyond the facts researched.Shows an exceptional understanding of the concepts in marketing, and undertakes own analysis and logic to justify opinions and recommendations

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