Case Study: 3 page paper

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Must be have book Crisis Intervention Strategies by James and Gilliland. Must be familiar with the hybrid model of intervention and the Robinson Crisis Response Model. Both of which shall be incorporated in the paper. 

Daniel’s dad died when
Daniel was 15. They had been very close, so when his mom remarried about a year
later, Daniel had a hard time adjusting. His stepdad talked about how much God
loved him, but Daniel didn’t want to hear it… just like he didn’t want to
hear the stranger in the school assembly say things get better; that suicide
isn’t any answer. Daniel had lived through three years of anger, pain, and
emptiness looking for better. It didn’t exist.

Drugs and alcohol
numbed the pain. Daniel separated himself from reality and from the people who
loved him. On Thanksgiving Day, Daniel hit bottom. Already in danger of
losing his driver’s license, he got another ticket. He was already facing a
possible $5,000 fine or 30 days in jail for possession of deer out of hunting
season. Also, he could lose his guns, all handed down to him by his father.

As he lay in bed that
night, he felt tired. Tired of the pressure. Tired of the anger. Tired of the
hurt. Tired of living. He got out of bed and put on his best clothes. He wrote
his will and good-bye letters to his family and friends. He was so angry at his
father for dying, he decided to kill himself over his father’s grave. Daniel
sat in the cemetery with his dad’s rifle under his chin. He tried to pull the
trigger, but couldn’t. He tried again and again.

At that point, Daniel
called 911. You are the crisis team member who responded to the
call. Using the hybrid crisis intervention model, describe how you would
intervene in the situation.

Support your crisis
intervention response with specific information from the case and text or with
other information you get from the Web or other sources. Write your 2-3
page case study in APA style (not including the title page and references).

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