engl 1302 composition amp rhetoric 1

  • Read the poem “Ithaka” by C. P. Cavafy (https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/51296/ithaka-56d22eef917ec)
  • Write an essay (length: 1 page) answering the following prompt: It is often said that “life is a journey, not a destination.” What is meant by this phrase and what meaning might it have in your own life?
  • Quote lines from the poem to support your claims.
  • Use MLA formatting to properly cite the source.


A university in the Washington, DC area would like to offer a high-tech crime class for the next school year and would like to contract your team to provide a course design for its implementation.

Explain to the university (in a whitepaper) the characteristics of high-tech crime also known as
cyber, and
computer crime.

Explain the use of current technologies to both carry out and fight cyber crime.

In addition, explain the technological, cultural, and political influences which are advancing the growth of high-tech crime.

4 pages
Cite your sources.

should california defer to trump

View the 4 minute tape on John Marshall and Federalism and consider whether California should have the right to provide sanctuary cities and demand health care block grants to continue the affordable care act should Trump and The Republicans repeal it as promised. Provide a minimum 40 word paragraph or two.


7 9 case study interoptic saves the planet

7.9 Case Study: Interoptic Saves the Planet

Should only take an hour or and half if your know what your doing. Can use an linux based IPS/IDS such as snort/ bro/zeek/ suricata.

Complete the tasks and answer the questions listed below:

  1. Was the alert true or false?
  2. Explain why the alert fired.
  3. Construct a timeline of alerted activities involving the potentially malicious outside host.
  4. Construct a timeline of alerted activities involving the target.


  1. Submit as a single word document named “last-name-casestudy79.docx”

requires to sign up with email – just use temp mail or something
Chapter 7 evidence is needed.

or I can email you the documents since the upload i want to upload won’t let me.

considering the circumstances and the preliminary workup what type of anemia does ms a most likely have

Case Study 1

Ms. A. is an apparently healthy 26-year-old white woman. Since the beginning of the current golf season, Ms. A has noted increased shortness of breath and low levels of energy and enthusiasm. These symptoms seem worse during her menses. Today, while playing in a golf tournament at a high, mountainous course, she became light-headed and was taken by her golfing partner to the emergency clinic. The attending physician’s notes indicated a temperature of 98 degrees F, an elevated heart rate and respiratory rate, and low blood pressure. Ms. A states, “Menorrhagia and dysmenorrheal have been a problem for 10-12 years, and I take 1,000 mg of aspirin every 3 to 4 hours for 6 days during menstruation.” During the summer months, while playing golf, she also takes aspirin to avoid “stiffness in my joints.”

Laboratory values are as follows:

Hemoglobin = 8 g/dl

Hematocrit = 32%

Erythrocyte count = 3.1 x 10/mm

RBC smear showed microcytic and hypochromic cells

Reticulocyte count = 1.5%

Other laboratory values were within normal limits.


Considering the circumstances and the preliminary workup, what type of anemia does Ms. A most likely have? In an essay of 500-750 words, explain your answer and include rationale.

– A minimum of three academic references from credible sources are required for this assignment.

– Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines.

-An abstract is not required.

-This assignment uses a grading rubric. Review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the assignment criteria and expectations for successful completion of the assignment.

-You are required to submit this assignment for plagiarism.

read those 3 article they are online

read those 3 article , online

require to submit 1000 to 1500 word thought papers . the thought paper focus on developping a deeper unserstanding of a concept or theoretical perspective through explication, critique , and application . in pdf format .

writen assigment should be formatted as follows:

font: time new roman

font size : 11

paragraph aligment : justified

paragraph identation : 0.5 inch

line spacing : double

margins : 1 inch

Nguyen, Q. T. K. (2017) Multinationality and performance literature: a critical review and future research agenda. Management International Review, 57 (3). pp. 311­347. ISSN 1861­8901 doi: https://doi.org/10.1007/s11575­016­0290­y Available at http://centaur.reading.ac.uk/61031/

The Dynamics of Regional and Global Multinationals, 1999-2008 By Hoon Oh, Chang; M. Rugman[dagger], Alan

Success Factors of Regional Strategies for Multinational Corporations: Exploring the Appropriate Degree of Regional Management Autonomy and Regional Product/Service Adaptation

globalization writing essay 01 1

The detailed writing instruction is post in the attached file. Total word count 450. Need to use at least one reading from the attached file.

Positioning and Branding

Review the following link: http://www.interbrand.com/en/best-global-brands/2012/Best-Global-Brands-2012-Brand-View.aspx

  • Choose a brand from this list 
  • Explain the brand (name, logo, other identifiers) and the brand image.
  • Answer the following: Who are the main competitors?
  • Compare the brand and at least one major competitor in terms of positioning? How are they similar and how are they different?



1. Which of the following is true regarding a restrictive adjectival clause? 

A. It will typically include the relative pronoun which. 

B. It will follow a general noun and is not set off by commas. 

C. It will be set off by commas. 

D. It will follow a proper noun. 


2. Which of the following is a compound sentence? 

A. Sue gave Jim a new racket, and he left for the tennis courts. 

B. We found our way home without a map. 

C. Rain and heavy winds caused damage along the coast.

D. Kim will take her daughter shopping when she learns to behave in public. 


3. The following sentence is an example of which primary English sentence pattern? 

The toddler tossed his father the ball. 

A. Pronoun+ subject+ interrogative verb 

B. Subject+ verb +object +object complement 

C. Subject+ action verb + direct object 

D. Subject+ action verb+ indirect object+ direct object 


4. Identify the sentence that contains a noun clause in italics. 

A. What Betty wants is to harvest the corn. 

B. Betty wants to harvest the corn. 

C. When should Betty harvest the corn? 

D. Betty would like to harvest the corn.


5. One of the following sentences contains an independent clause and a dependent clause, which makes it a 

complex sentence. Which is the complex sentence? 

A. I came home; I saw an envelope in the mailbox. 

B. Jenny was the largest elephant in the circus. 

C. I hesitated a moment, but her smile gave me courage. 

D. After the rain ended, the sky became blue. 

6. Which sentence uses correct parallel construction? 

A. You can either talk to the manager about your problem or writing a letter to the president of the company. 

B. The painter wore glasses, gloves, and boots. 

C. Most people enjoy ice cream and the plant grows.


D. Anyone who is going to work here will have to be athletic, an intelligent person, and have a good sense of humor. 

7. The infinitive is the most versatile verb form because it can be used as 

A. a verb, an adverb, or a conjunction. 

B. a verb, a noun, an adverb, or an interjection. 

C. a verb, an adjective, or a preposition. 

D. a verb, a noun, an adjective, or an adverb.


8. In which sentence are the italicized words a dependent clause? (A dependent clause can’t stand as a 

sentence on its own.) 

A. The diving board broke when she jumped into the pool. 

B. She became angry, but she would not leave without her brother. 

C. She went swimming, and her brother went boating. 

D. She wanted to leave early, or she wanted to stay overnight.


9. The italicized words make up which type of verbal phrase? 

Turning the corner, Kate bumped into David. 


A. Infinitive 

B. Gerund 

C. Participial 

D. Split infinitive 


10. Which of the following pairs of ideas could be combined into a compound sentence? (Remember that 

only related ideas should be joined into a compound sentence.) 


A. The days became longer. The children could play outside later. 

B. The street lights were dim. The play was a success. 

C. We watched the news on television. The girls walked quickly to school. 

D. The weather had changed. The house seemed deserted. 


11. Which one of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? 

A. I found a large, smooth, rock on the beach yesterday. 

B. Della arrived on time, it was just two o’clock. 

C. Darleen chose Tara, Holly, and, Marlene as her lab partners. 


D. She kept my surprise a secret, but she had a hard time doing it. 

12. How could you combine the following two sentences into a complex sentence with a dependent 

adjectival clause? 

The boy wore a green coat. He carried his sister home. 


A. The boy wore a green coat; he carried his sister home. 

B. The boy wore a green coat, and he carried his sister home. 

C. The boy carried home his sister’s green coat. 

D. The boy who wore a green coat carried his sister home.


13. How is a compound sentence formed? 

A. By joining two independent clauses and one dependent clause 

B. By joining a dependent and independent clause with a conjunction 

C. By joining two simple sentences with a comma and a coordinate conjunction 

D. By joining a simple sentence with a dependent clause 


14. In the sentence “I want to sleep when I’m tired,” the words “to sleep” are a/an 

A. prepositional phrase. 

B. infinitive phrase. 

C. indirect object. 

D. predicate adjective. 


15. Which sentence contains words in italics that form a gerund phrase? (A gerund is a verb form used the 

same way as a noun.) 

A. I am going home. 

B. Winning the race demanded speed and endurance. 

C. An interesting novel provides good entertainment. 

D. The laughing boy sat down. 


16. Which sentence contains repetitious words that should be left out? 

A. The star was visible centuries ago. 

B. The bright star is visible. 

C. The star will soon disappear. 


D. The bright star is visible to the eye. 

17. In which sentence is the punctuation correct? 

A. Marge said “The train is just leaving”. 

B. Marge “said The train is just leaving.” 

C. Marge said The train is just leaving. 

D. Marge said, “The train is just leaving.”


18. Which sentence uses the passive voice? 

A. John searched for a job. 

B. The tree was planted by Mary. 

C. The rain continued until dawn. 

D. Lies destroy friendship. 

19. Which one of the following sentences is punctuated correctly? 

A. The sea calmed but no boats left shore. 

B. The sea calmed, but no boats left shore. 

C. The sea, calmed, but no boats, left shore. 

D. The sea calmed; but no boats, left shore. 


20. Identify the compound sentence. 

A. Last summer, we decided to drive to the beach. 

B. The rain began to fall, but we did not want to leave. 

C. Because it had been sunny all week, we did not bring umbrellas. 

D. While it rained on the beach, we swam in the ocean. 

End of exam 


accounting essay 9

Part One: Post a discussion that identifies at least one to two possible topics for your blog post. Explain to the class why you chose these possible topic ideas and what experience you have with them. Identify possible audiences and how the information you share will help your audience. Tell the class which topic you think you might select and why.

Part 2: Expressing Yourself Informally

For the Unit 4 Assignment, you will write a 1–1.5-page, double spaced, informal and personal blog post on an issue that is in some way relevant to your field of study and that you have personal experience with.

According to The Social Psychology Network, a blog, “short for “web log,” is an online journal or record of sequential postings with news, commentary, or other material” (2017). Like an essay, a blog post establishes and develops a clear point about a topic or issue. Depending on the topic, audience, and purpose, a blog can be formal or informal. A blog written by an individual, for example, tends to be about his or her experience with the topic and is written in first person.

Imagine for this Assignment that you have created your own blog site and that you are writing a post for your blog site. This specific blog post should establish a clear main point about your chosen topic, use your personal experience to develop that main point, and establish a connection with your non-professional audience through showing them how your experience might be of value in helping them in some way.

Examples might include:

  • If you are in the medical field and have experience with taking care of family members who are sick, you might write a blog post to other caretakers who are tending to family members, perhaps showing them a way they can avoid the stress that caretaking will create for them.
  • If you are in the law enforcement field, though you may not have experience with being a police officer, you might use your experience as a parent to write to other parents about what they might do to help their children to not get involved in gangs, if you have any relevant experience with it or know people who have.
  • If you are in the field of education, you may not be an experienced teacher with a degree, but you no doubt have experience either as a student or parent and could write a blog post to other first year college students, offering them a suggestion for how to manage their time or avoid procrastination on assignments.