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certificate proposal should:

• Be a minimum of 5 pages and a maximum of 5 pages

• Have 1-inch margins

• Be double-spaced with a 5-space indentation for each new paragraph

• The paragraph spacing should be set to 0-point spacing

• Use Arial 12 font or equivalent

• Have page numbers in Arial in the footer, starting with the statement of the course section

• Have a minimum of 5 references

Components to the proposal:
Title page: Name, and proposal title

Course, certificate, or license sought and benefit: Identify and discuss the course you would like to
complete or the certificate or license you would like to have.

How will completing this course,
certificate or license contribute to your professional development and to your career goals? (minimum:
1 page)

Provider: At which entity will you complete the course, certificate or license? https://www.msicertified.com/six-sigma-green-belt-…

What is required to
complete the course or earn the certificate or license?

For the course, what is the course name, the
course number, and the name of the academic institution?

Is the course offered online or in-person?

Provide the URLs for the college/university and to the course.

For the certificate or license, will training
be necessary?

If training is necessary, how many hours of training will be required and from which

How do you know that this is a legitimate provider?

Are there any accrediting bodies for the
certificate or license?

Provide the URLs for the providers and any accrediting bodies (minimum: 2

• Reference page: minimum of 5 references
Do not use headings or subheadings in the body of your proposal, except for the following headings: Course,
Certificate or License Sought and Benefit and Provider
. After each heading, the content for that section should
begin. For example: (5-space indentation) Course, Certificate or License Sought and Benefit: The
certificate that I would like to pursue is RCFE certificate, which will enhance my employment opportunities in
the long-term care field, etc.

Do not have a “stand-alone” headings or subheadings.


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