Chapters 1-3 Actions Steps and let me know if you want anything

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Chapters 1-3 Actions Steps

I attached the book

Students are to read Chapters and view ppt’s before completing your Action Steps:

>Students are to complete activities, write notes in your textbook/tablets , please watch videos weekly to prepare for your business plan:

#Chapter 1- In Action Step #2 -question #4 —Action Step #7 complete questions

1 & 2

Action Step #7-Answer Questions #1 & 2. ________________________________________

Virtually try to contact those Entrepreneurs – Write a one page narrative on the above question.


#Chapter 2- Action Step 11- Answer question #1__________________________________

#Action Step #14-complete question #1


#Chapter 3- Action Step 19- complete qustions #1 to 3 ______________________________________________________________________________________________

#Action Step -20 – complete questions 1- 5

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