Choose a topic and write a narrative essay about a memorable event in your life.

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Choose a topic and write a narrative essay about a memorable event in your life. 

For this essay, you are to to tell a story in writing, and you tell the story to make a point, to educate, to entertain, to share ….  When you tell a story, some features, such as time, place, and people, can never be missing. Please select a topic you like for the essay you write, but try to avoid a topic that is too broad.  Please read carefully the TIPS for writing a narrative essay in Chapter 8, which will be helpful. When you write, follow closely the writing process you learned in Chapters 2-6, starting from writing an outline for your essay, developing your thesis statement, to writing your introduction paragraph, body paragraphs, and conclusion paragraph. 

When you are writing your introduction, first briefly introduce your topic to your audience and then state your thesis clearly.  A thesis is the main idea of an essay and it should guide you through in the writing of your essay.  Remember that your body paragraphs should center on the thesis and support the thesis. 

For each of your body paragraphs, always begin with a topic sentence and follow it with your supporting evidence.  Remember: as your body paragraphs support your thesis, your evidence should support your topic sentence. 

In your conclusion paragraph, summarize the key points you have discussed in the body of your essay and draw a conclusion out of it, in addition to reiterating the thesis stated in your introduction. 

TIPS: 1. The TOPIC : If at first you do not succeed, try, try again.

          2. words: 500.

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