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You will write a 500-word essay paper comparing the ancient civilization to the modern civilization. 

Here are some points to consider while completing this essay:

  • Focus especially on the similarities between your two civilizations and what this means about civilization as a whole. Consider your answers for part one of this project.
  • Discuss significant differences and how they lend nuance to our ideas of what civilization means, but do not bother mentioning obvious or irrelevant differences.
  • Choose three points of comparison, similarities or differences, for your body paragraphs. Consider your answers for part one.
  • Avoid an essay structure that lists all similarities in one paragraph and all differences in another. Instead choose sub topics to focus on and discuss how each civilization is similar or different.  You will have to use your understanding of the development of civilizations and the factors that contributed to their development and sustainability.
  • Use at least two sources, in-text citations and create a Works Cited page. Submit both parts on the same document, and label each part of the project.

    • In the final paragraph of your essay, come to a meaningful conclusion about the true meaning of civilization.
      This paper must be written in MLA style, with at least 500 words, using strong, supportive details and examples.

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