Clinical Nursing Prac-tice Problem: Mechanical ventilation

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  1. Complete each section of the Problem/PICOT/Evidence (PPE) Worksheet. For the Clinical PICOT Question,use the NR439_Guide for writing PICOT Questions and Examples.N439_Guide for writing PICOT Questions and Examples (Links to an external site.) Use one of the templates/guides to write your Clinical PICOT Question using all of the PICOT elements. Be sure to include the PICOT letters in your question.
  2. Be sure to use the PPE grading rubric to make certain you are meeting all grading criteria of the PPE Worksheet.
  3. Use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and in-text APA formatting.
  4. Submit the completed PPE Worksheet on the Week 3 Assignment page.
    Quality Safety
    • Patient satisfaction
    • Patient education
    • Falls
    • Non-pharmacological pain management
    Errors. Examples include:

    • Medication
    • Patient identification
    • Communication
    • Readmissions
    • Length of stay
    • Costs
    Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs).
    Examples include:

    • Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections (CLABSI)
    • Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI)
    • Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP)
    • Surgical Site Infections (SSI)
    • Sepsis (Screening or Prevention)
    • Discharge Teaching/Coaching
    • Transitions of Care/Level of Care
    • Pressure Ulcers
    • Skin Integrity

    Your CNE has requested that you select ONLY one topic area and complete the PPE Worksheet using only one topic area. The committee will collaborate and decide as a team which nursing clinical problem area will be the priority focus of their next research study. Thank you for your valuable contributions to this important NEBP committee.

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