cloned meat products topic cloned meat products essay must meet each and every requirement l

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The essay must meet each and every requirement listed below. The essay must include and introduction with a clear thesis statement on the topic. The body of the essay must meet the research, issues, point of view, and conclusion requirements listed below. MLA format is used to cite references that are used for the research. A minimum of three CREDIBLE sources are used to communicate the research. No more than three in text citations. Paper is well written and college work. Correct spelling and grammar were used throughout the essay. Essay is double spaced, size 12 font
• Concepts for the topic are well covered.
• Concepts demonstrate depth and provide a thorough explanation of the topic
• A unique perspective to the topic is discussed providing specific information
• Essay demonstrates knowledge of current research (no more than five years old)
• All Research is clearly connected to the topic
• All Research comes from sources that provide current information
• Issues are clearly discussed as one well written paragraph
• Issues are relevant
• Issues demonstrate the complicated nature of the topic
• In depth coverage of issues
• Issues that are relevant to the topic are treated with fairness
• More than one point of view is explained
• Opposing views include clear advantages and disadvantages
• Point of view is in one well written paragraph
• Point of view is clear and specific
• Point of view clearly demonstrates student’s understanding and learning using specific examples and language
• Point of view includes a specific discussion of student learning
• A minimum of three specific points of learning are addressed and discussed.
• Thoughts presented in the essay are summarized.
• Conclusion demonstrates understanding of the topic
• Conclusion demonstrates critical thinking, creative problem solving, and substantive solutions.

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