CMN 703 Short Photograph Analysis

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Guidelines for the short, weekly analysis presentations

  1. Show us an image that you think is worth our attention: You’ll be saying, “Look!”
  2. Give us the contextual information … if you have it … as you have it. (original, internal, external contexts?)
  3. Use an appropriate set of the ideas that we’ve read about to “make your photograph talk.”
  4. Explain the argument that your photograph makes.
  5. Write a two-four page analysis to turn in on the day of your presentation … but DON’T READ your presentation: TALK TO us!
  6. Each presenter will have 5 to 10 minutes to show, analyze, and discuss her or his photograph. Say what you must and can about the argument of your photograph and how the argument works, then trust us to talk with you productively.

This text is for presentation. All you need to do is write a three pages analysis paper. Here is the photo, and you can use others if you want. I shared some class notes to you.

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