Commenting on two classmates discussions about diversity and media

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In response to your peers, provide feedback about the example used and the social message that was provided. Are there other messages being represented?

Classmate # 1 Juan

The first show that came to me is a show called Ink Master. It’s a tv show about tattoo artists competing against each other to do exactly what the show says and become the “Ink Master”. Why this show can relate to this class is because when tattooing first started, the artist we’re all men, there wasn’t much diversity in this field and women definitely weren’t accepted. Now, on the show and previous seasons it’s made up of people from all different cultures, beliefs and backgrounds and are both men and women.

The latent social message in the show is that anyone can tattoo or in a bigger picture do anything you want even if in the beginning there might be some push back. Theres been various winners and it even had its first women Ink Master when not too long ago a women tattooer was not really accepted. I think it’s a good example in showing that if you’re qualified and good enough to do a job and have the equal skill and ability, both men and women can go into any field.

Classmate # 2 Trevor

Interestingly enough I found this discussion post rather difficult. I don’t watch prime time television including sitcoms or reality tv shows. Unfortunately I have been exposed to a few because of my lovely wife. That being said I thought I would look into reality tv shows such as the bachelor or bachelorette. In particular these shows thrust strangers in house to find love. I’m not real sure how that works as I can’t imagine finding love in such a short period of time.

These shows have a very diverse makeup. Cast member racial make up during the last episode include White, African American and Asian. Two of the cast were bisexual females. With such a large group of diverse individuals I believe a unintended message could certainly be you can find love regardless of race.

Interracial relationships have been growing more common over the last decade or two. Shows such as this thrust the topic in to the mainstream where it can’t be avoided. I believe this is important for society. Love sees no color and its important to find the right person regardless of skin color. Society as a whole needs to be comfortable with this fact and visual.

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