Communication Response

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Watch the following video and respond to the prompt (500 words min. in total):


1) If someone were to analyze and explain to you your nonverbal tendencies, how would they describe them? (i.e., how do you stand? How animated are you when you talk? How is your overall body posture? Do yournonverbals represent a confident and/or extroverted individual?) If you are unsure about this, ask a friend.

2) What is the relationship between yournonverbalsand your identity? – Do yournonverbals match your characteristics?

3) Now that you are more aware of your nonverbal tendencies, do you plan on trying to change them? If so, how? If not, why not?

Part 2.

Watch the following videos and respond to the prompts. You may have to conduct your own research to assist in answering these last questions. If so, please include your references.

4) Explain whatproxemicsmeans as related tointercultural communication

5) Which countries rank the highest in the need for personal space?

6) Which countries rank the lowest in the need for personal space?

7) Where do you fit on the continuum of preference for personal space?(i.e., do you feel uncomfortable when people stand close to you) – Why do you feel this way?

Bonus Videos*

Extreme examples of close proxemity:

Once you have responded to the prompts and also to 5 of your classmates within the discussion board, put all of what you have wrote on one document. (See attachments for the classmates responses)

When responding to the classmates (5 of them) focus on the differences and similarities between your preference to personal space and theirs. Has your culture affected this? How can you relate to them? Do you have any specific examples of feeling uncomfortable because of a perceived violation of personal space? – These are a few questions to consider while responding.

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