Comparative Politics, essay help (5 pages)

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There are many methods to studying politics.  From experiments to qualitative studies, political science uses a variety of tools.  One of those tools is the comparative method.  We strategically compare specific cases to understand unique similarities and differences.  This knowledge can be used to improve public policy, processes, or to find better ways of doing this.  It can also help us to just better understand how the world works.  This essay is to examine how two countries in different regions handle a specific policy problem. The following elements should be addressed in a 5 page paper, this excludes the reference page and cover page making it a total of 7 pages. (Including reference list).

For my essay, I want to learn more about Canada’s healthcare and evaluate whether a publicly funded healthcare system is better than our privately system. 

  • Introduction: Your paper should try to answer the specific research question.  For the example above, the research question you will answer would be “What is the best healthcare system US or CA ?”  Your introduction should briefly introduce your topic and your answer to this question.  This “answer” is your thesis or purpose in writing the paper.  (1 paragraph) 
  • Country Selection: Part of science is being able to “reproduce results”.  In the comparative method, you need to explain in detail in the paper how and why you chose your cases to study.  This just has to be your own discussion. (1-2 paragraphs)
  • Body/Literature: Over the course of a few pages compare and contrast the countries based on how they deal with your policy issue.  You will find information in newspapers, Lexis Nexis, Consulate Websites, the United Nations, NATO, think tank and scholarly journals. (3-4 pages)  
  • Conclusion:  What did you learn?  Give the reader a substantive conclusion to walk away from your paper with.  (1 Page)
  • Reference List:  Using Chicago, APA, or MLA generate a list of sources that you used to cite your paper. You must cite within the text (parenthetical) and in the reference list.  Failure to do so will result in a zero for the assignment.  Five sources must be used at minimum and two must be from scholarly / peer reviewed sources.

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