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dictionary defines culture as “The arts and other manifestations of
human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.” Each society,
country, and culture have numerous nuances that can be difficult for the
others to understand.

in today’s multicultural global environment constantly encounter
cultural differences, which may create barriers in communication and
eventually lead to business failures. To become a successful global
manager, you need to equip yourself with necessary knowledge to develop
your culture competence.

years, scholars have been studying country cultures. Several theories
were developed, such as Geert Hofstede’s culture dimensions ( and Edward T. Hall’s cross-culture theory (’s_Cross-Cultural_Theory_Wiki).
Besides the websites mentioned above, you can get yourself further
familiarized with those theories by checking out the following video

  • Hofstede’s culture dimensions
  • Hall’s low-context and high-context theory

Your task is to utilize Hofstede’s website at
to first identify the scores for the six cultural dimensions of your
home country. Then, choose another foreign country of your interest and
compare the cultural dimensions of your select country to those of your home country.

Because I am Chinese so you need to compare china to other country. And paste pictures about scores totally 2-3 pages. Thanks.

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