Comparing Televisions

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Comparing Televisions

Start with a new spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel with no template applied. A template is not allowed for assignment.

Apply your creative thinking and problem-solving skills to design and implement a solution.

Part 1: You are shopping for a new television and want to compare the prices of three televisions. Research new televisions. 

Create a worksheet that compares the type, size, and the price for each television, as well as the costs to add an extended warranty. 

Use the concepts and techniques presented in this Excel module 1 to calculate the average price of a television and average cost of an extended warranty and to format the worksheet.

Include a chart to compare the different television costs.

Part 2: Based upon the data you found, how could you chart the information to show the comparisons? Which chart would be the best to use? Answer these questions in comments or submission text area when submitting. Please provide original work. No plagiarizing.

The following areas will be part of grading criteria:

Descriptive title, subtitle, and headings

Data included 

Type, size, and price of each television included.

Average function used to average price of televisions.

Average function used to average cost of extended warranty.

Total for television and extended warranty for each using sum function. 

Total results formatted as currency displaying $ symbols 

Sheet formatted. 

Columns adjusted so that text is not cut off, and excess space is minimized.

Chart type appropriate for data it represents. 

Chart title is descriptive of contents. 

Chart formatted so that data makes sense and is easy to read. 

Part 2 questions answered. 

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