Complete 11 pages APA formatted article: East and Southeast Asia Political System Analysis.

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Complete 11 pages APA formatted article: East and Southeast Asia Political System Analysis. If a government is to be considered democratic, it has to meet certain standards. Democracy respects freedom of speech, the media, and religion. Governments do not allow absolute freedom but in the case of democracies, there is minimal censorship and the public is allowed to express its opinions.

A democracy allows the majority to rule and exercise rights for the minority. People accept decisions that are made by the majority for example in the elections. The minority are also given a platform to have their voices heard. Democracies also present different types of leaders from different backgrounds. Potential leaders are not from the same social classes or elite families.

A democracy allows free and fair elections. It is the voters who decide who runs for public office without government interference. Such governments follow the rule of the law. No one is above the law in a democratic country. An example of democracy in this region is Thailand.

Citizens are allowed to participate in politics. The government satisfies the needs of the citizens who voted them in. The extent to which the government meets the above criteria is the extent to which it can be considered democratic or not.

On the other hand, an authoritarian regime consists of one ruler or a small group of elites holding real power. The citizens may participate in elections but have no voice as to how they will be ruled. They are not given a free choice rather they make decisions as to what the citizens will have and what they will not have. Citizens are not allowed to participate in government decisions but are expected to obey the decisions the government makes. The types of leaders found in this type of government are kings, emperors, military rulers, dictators, aristocrats, or presidents.

An authoritarian government does not allow freedom of speech, religion, or media. The majority rights and the minority are not considered as it solely operates on the decisions made by the person or persons in power. Examples of such&nbsp.regimes are China and Myanmar.

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