Complete 375 Word Social Theory Discussion (TROY)

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Emile Durkheim by Charles Lemert p. 59

Max Weber by Charles Lemert – p. 82

You will write 375-750 words (not including the reference page) to reflect on two of the theoretical readings for each week. Please note that you should not use the Lemert introductory essays or biographies as one of your readings. You should be reviewing the highlighted theorists’ works. You will also submit this on Turnitin to double-check for plagiarism.You must be at 15% similarity index or lower. The paper should be submitted in a Word format – .doc or .docx.

For EACH OF THE TWO excerpts that you select for this week, you will need to provide a short summary (125 words each) in your own words for that excerpt of what you think are the author’s main point/s or argument/s. Please note that two of these summaries will need a short quote (40 words or less) from the excerpt that corresponds with it. Finally, discuss how this particular excerpt has implications in everyday life. Here you can relate it to aspects of your own life or modern life in general. You will need to have a reference page where you should list the two excerpts that you covered in your reflection in APA format. Look below on this rubric to see exact style. PLEASE NOTE: The small letter after the year is only used when you have multiple excerpts by same author and they are alphabetized by excerpt title. Otherwise, reference page is in alphabetical order by author’s last name.In addition, please note that one point will be deducted for all writing issues. One word of caution: Do not over quote (i.e., use more than a line or two of quotes in the whole paper).

Grading Rubric

Points Earned


Summary of the excerpts is coherent and well-developed (each excerpt should be at least 125 words and include one exact quote with in-text citation from the reading) 40

Student discusses how excerpt has implications for everyday life. (minimum 125 words) 30

The reflection assignment is double-spaced, well written and organized – demonstrating few grammatical issues. Also, APA format is followed for in-text citations and reference page. 30

Final Grade:

Marx, K. (2017a). The eighteenth brumaire of Louis Bonaparte. In C. Lemert (Ed.), Social theory: The multicultural, global, and classic readings (6th ed., pp. 37-40). Boulder, CO: Westview Press. (Original work published 1852)

Marx, K. (2017b). The manifesto of class, with Friedrich Engels. In C. Lemert (Ed.), Social theory: The multicultural, global, and classic readings (6th ed., pp. 34-37). Boulder, CO: Westview Press. (Original work published 1848)

Sample In-Text Citations – (Marx, 1848/2017b, p. X) OR (Marx, 1852/2017a, p. X)

For referencing works by different authors in an edited book, please Google and then refer to the APA Guide for Academic Writing (2018-2019) from Mount Royal University. Furthermore, for discussing multiple works by the same author, please go to this blog –

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