Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Civilian Space Policy and Applications.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Civilian Space Policy and Applications. Following this success story by the China National Space Administration, China became the third nation to autonomously send a man into space. Subsequently, China has developed plans of setting up a stable space station in 2020 as well as crewed missions to planet Mars and the Lunar orbit (Harvey, Smid and Pirard 328).

The historical onset of space programs in China began during the Korean War where the United States of America decided to employ the use o nuclear weapons. The then chairman of the Chinese, Mao Zedong suggested that the only strategy to ensure security in the newly founded state was to use nuclear energy. Furthermore, his comments were perceived to be of the point that china should gain ranks amongst the world superpowers. In 1956, the Fifth Academy of the National Defense Ministry began the advancement in the pioneer ballistic missile strategy. This idea was fully adopted and was referred to as the twelve-year plan for Chinese aerospace. In the year 1958, China under the leadership of Mao adopted Project 581 in order to achieve equal status with other superpowers. The sole aim of this adoption was to enable china position satellites in orbital space. This particular goal was laid out in three phases including, building up rockets, launching minute protectorates, and later bigger satellites. China built its first-ever missile test base, named Base-20 in April 1958 and operations began on October 20. As part of capacity building and training of the newly oriented aerospace students, China engaged in cordial cooperative ties with the soviet. Under this venture, Chinese students would gain immense knowledge and hands-on training using sampler-2missile rockets. In the same year, the Chinese were able to devise their pioneer missile rocket. A reverse-engineered replica of the Soviet’s short-range ballistic missile, this particular object was powered by either alcohol or oxygen. Additionally, it had a range of 590 kilometers in size and weighed 20.5 tonnes (Harvey, Smid and Pirard 365).

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