Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Should Canada Share Its Freshwater With People in the Developing World.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: Should Canada Share Its Freshwater With People in the Developing World. However, access to safe and clean freshwater has become a global health issue and many nations, especially the developing economies, have been profoundly impacted by water scarcity. The WHO reveals that more than 3,900 children die annually because of waterborne infections (Miller & Spoolman, 2012). The developing nations are being impacted heavily by water-related issues, and many families lack access to safe and clean freshwater. Almost half of the population in the developing nations lacks access to safe and clean freshwater because of natural phenomena such as climatic changes due to globalization, rainfall patterns, and human factors including high population growth and pollution, thus threatening sustainable water resources.

The increased demand for freshwater, increased population growth, overexploitation of natural resources, and climatic changes are worsening the state of freshwater resources, hence the need for Canadians to share their freshwater with people in the developing nations. First, Canada should share freshwater with the developing nations because there is an increased demand for water sources in the developing world. This results from the high population growth rate in developing nations and overdependence on agricultural activities. Miller (2007) asserts that supplying fresh water for irrigation and drinking is one way of sustaining the earth. This is because many people in developing nations depend heavily on agricultural activities as their backbone for economic growth. However, many of them are unable to achieve sustainability because of increased poverty levels, which is linked with water scarcity. Many of them undergo severe famine because of prolonged drought and water-related diseases. Therefore, the distribution of safe and clean water will reduce over-competition on scarce water resources and exploitation of water resources, hence achievement of sustainable development.

Moreover, the increased population growth rate contributes to an increased demand for water. thus, there is a need for Canadian government to supply adequate fresh water to the developing world.

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