Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The US and the EU Geostrategy on the Middle East.

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Complete 5 pages APA formatted article: The US and the EU Geostrategy on the Middle East. According to The Middle East (2003), The Greater Middle East (GME) holds the world’s largest oil and gas deposits with 75% of the total world oil production being generated from the thirteen countries of the GME. The GME is diverse hence making it a lively economic area (Al-Maeena, 2002). Despite this, the region is faced by a number of problems that make the region unpredictable or rather unstable. They include political instability of the region with the capacity to collapse and disintegrate the whole geopolitical system thus harming the whole world in general. huge levels of outmigration due to rapid population growth, unemployment, slow economic growth and development, poverty, inequalities in income distribution as well as ethnic conflicts etc. Furthermore, other challenges like lack of appropriate schemes of economic integration, lack of a collective defense force and/or lack of a system to control arms adversely affect the stability of the GME. In most of these nations, there are unstable political institutions due to the economic and social tensions in the region.

Most governments are authoritarian and refuse to share power or ensure the rule of law prevails as well as disregard for human rights. Some countries in the region are characterized by the underdevelopment of the state and the civil society owing to rampant corruption (Baroudi, 2002). These countries happen to have enormous mineral ores (oil) which mean they can have a huge income per capita if well managed (DOE, 2003). They include Qatar, Kuwait and The United Arab Emirates (UAE). The GME region is also full of military equipment with a rise in new nuclear states expected in the near future. Furthermore, some parts of the GME region are believed to be world leaders in drug trafficking. More research has been provided that links drug trafficking to terrorism thus making the problem much bigger.

The principal interests of the European Union (EU) in the GME are the economic stability of the region and controlling the threat of mass migration.

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