Complete Psychology Reflection Paper

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Reflection Paper- 50 points


Each student will be required to write a reflection paper that incorporates a mass media representation of mental illness by watching a film about a person with a psychological disorder. All films must be approved by the professor. The paper should include be written as an indepth case study using the character with the disorder as the client. It should include background information of the client, information on the disability (etiology, prevalence, incidence rates, and cultural factors and rates), the symptoms and functioning of the client and the common symptoms of the mental illness, functional limitations, treatments, psychosocial impact of the disability on the client, and vocational/educational challenges; Students will include a rehabilitation plan to include brief psychological and vocational profiles along with recommendations and goals. Include the day programming and residential living center in your area and incorporate how the facility from your visit will help the client. The paper should be double-spaced, have a cover page, headers, citations, and reference page in APA format. No references should be more than six years old. You must include a reference list of at least five (5) articles in addition to the textbook. These references must be peer-reviewed articles. These articles and references will be used to provide additional psychiatric information about the client’s disorder, services needed (if any), accommodations, and resources. The report will be graded on format, content and critical thinking ability. A list of film can be found in Course Resources.

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