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Compose a 1250 words assignment on psychology homework. Needs to be plagiarism free! He needs a position where he can have quiet time and concentrate on his essential activities. The job that he should consider should not involve a lot of traveling around or dealing with many people from time to time. In essence, it does not need a lot of activities. The fact that he prefers to think things through as a processing process indicates that he likes the jobs that require continuous reading, thinking, and analysis (Coleman, 2008).

His career choices, including a high school teacher and viral research, will suit his personality traits. They both require a set up where the individual does not have to deal with many individuals. Also, they do not need a lot of interaction and extensive talking periods. Also, they offer an opportunity to perform the required tasks while the individual is stationed at a particular time. With this, there is no greater chance of frequent movements from one place to the other. There is a lot of reading, thinking, analysis, and sharing involved in the career choices made by Alex. In this case, it brings about the continuous process where the primary information gained is extended and improved to the point where other people can share it. Since the a biology majors, the two jobs will allow him to perform a wide range of practical tests that offer him a few moments alone. At such moments, he gets the opportunity to reflect on several aspects.&nbsp. They also give him the chance to look at things from a broader perspective and build on relationships to make a meaningful sense of knowledge. With each new result from his research and activities, he will get the unique experiences he is passionate about (Salovey, Mayer & Caluso, 2004).

Accordingly, the Holland code of Alex is INFP. It is primarily concerned with a character that is introversive, intuitive, has feelings, and is wise about several elements. It is an indication that the kind of workforce required by Alex is both silent and challenging. It should have minimum individuals to interact with and share with.

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